William the conqueror changed England by bringing feudalism. There are three different characteristics in the feudalism agreement, lords, vassals and fiefs. The lord owned land and he granted the land to a vassal who in exchange provides military service to the lord. The lord couldn’t give land to anyone. The lord had to have a ceremony for the person, to make them a vassal. This was called a commendation ceremony. In the agreement the vassal had to fight for the lord when he needed him to and to had to be faithful to him. The lord sometimes had to fulfil wishes of the vassal. Since the lord hadn't given land away, he to maintain it for the vassal and protect it from harm. The vassals also had to provide a counsel so if the Lord had to make a big decision he would ask his vassals to come and hold a council. The vassal also was needed to grind his wheat and make bread in the mill. The feudalism agreement revolves round a fief. A lord could grant bigger or smaller area of land. The lord could also give land to a bishop. There are different levels of feudalism like William I was almost like lord to the other lords and so on.